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Save vs. Splurge: Designing or Renovating A Kitchen


Save vs. Splurge: Designing or Renovating A Kitchen

A new kitchen is one of the largest investments you’ll likely ever make in your home. It can also have an enormous impact on how your family enjoys time together and how you welcome and entertain guests. For most of our clients, budget is an important factor in the design process. Once the budget is set, it can be fun to figure out where to splurge and where to save to create a beautiful and impactful design.

Appliances – SPLURGE

We always encourage our clients, especially those who love to cook, to invest in high quality appliances that will last for many years. These appliances also enhance the overall aesthetics of the kitchen design and can make other less expensive elements appear high-end.

Cabinets – SPLURGE

This one depends on your space and overall home value, but in most cases, we recommend investing in well-made, custom cabinets. Quality cabinets will last for decades and should make up a significant portion of the overall kitchen budget.

Lighting – SAVE

Affordable lighting has come a long way. For cost-conscious clients, this can be an ideal place to save a little money that would be better spent elsewhere in the space.

Barstools – SAVE

While we love custom barstools and use them often, we can also source more affordable options when they make sense for the space.

If there’s a kitchen renovation or new build in your future, we can help.

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