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Art and interior design go hand in hand when you are looking to give your space that “finished” look you seek. At our store you can walk through our gallery and see how all of the art flows throughout the space and brings it all together. Create the perfect mood or tie in your theme through expertly selected works of art that perfectly complement your home and space.


We realize that selecting Art can be a tedious and stressful process. A times you are not sure what size or scale in proportion to the rest of the room your frame should be.

Other times a room may contain a very specific color scheme that is hard to match.


If you cannot find it in our store, not to worry, we have partnered for decades with some of the most skilled artisans and craftsmen in the business. Painters, and sculptor are just some of the services we can put you in touch with.


Your home or office space should create an impression on everyone who visits the space. Whether a huge, bold and dramatic painting or a small series of sculptures that add charm and personality ot a small table or shelf, our manufacturers can create it.
More often than not, Angela will help you to find and acquire these piece sot finish of the design concept of your home.