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How We Approach Interior Design for Small Spaces


How We Approach Interior Design for Small Spaces

There are plenty of reasons to choose a smaller home — prioritizing location over square footage when determining how to spend your new home budget, buying a character-filled older home, or because you simply enjoy the ease and simplicity of having a quaint and cozy home. We’re big believers that living in smaller spaces doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or design.

So, how do we achieve the Angela Neel look in a smaller space?

Fewer, Right-Sized Furnishings

We’re proponents of this philosophy whether you live in 1,500 square feet or 15,000 but it’s even more important when space is at a premium. While many people think that a smaller space means smaller furnishings, the opposite is actually true. Undersized furniture can actually make an already-tight space look and feel even more crowded. We help our clients choose pieces that fit their space and encourage them to bring in only what they love. Skip the knick knacks and clutter and your space will feel — and live — larger.

Draw The Eye Up

In smaller rooms, we like to create the illusion of more space by drawing the eye up. This can be achieved with ceiling treatments, wallpaper, large mirrors, and interesting artwork.

Creating Visual Interest

One of our favorite design tricks in any room is moving the eye around the room using moments of visual interest. Whether that’s done with bold artwork, an ornate chandelier, or interesting millwork, keeping the eye moving through the space prevents a room from feeling one-dimensional, and ultimately, smaller.

A small space can and should be just as beautifully-designed as a sprawling estate. If you’ve got a cute, cozy cottage in Winter Park or a funky bungalow in Orlando, we can help you turn it into your dream home. Contact us here to get started.

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