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Get to Know Angela: Signature Designs and How Interiors Impact Our Lives

Angela Neel

Get to Know Angela: Signature Designs and How Interiors Impact Our Lives

Q: Is there a signature element you add to every design?

Every space we design is unique to the client and their needs, and we pride ourselves on creating homes that truly reflect the people who live in them. We always tell our clients that we want their space to reflect their personality and lifestyle – not ours. That said, there are a few things that could probably be considered “signatures” of an Angela Neel design. I love contrast so we often design rooms that are grounded in neutrals and then add fun pops of color to bring everything to life. Art is another must-have! I have a background in art and textile design and have a lot of fun picking unique, vibrant pieces for the spaces we design.

Q: How do you think interiors influence the way we live in our homes?

At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, interiors influence nearly every aspect of our lives! After years in this industry, I have seen many times how uncomfortable, non-functional furniture and spaces can lead to stress, agitation, bickering, and conflict in the home. Function and aesthetics really do improve the way we feel and the way we live in our homes. A well-designed space enhances mood and even relationships. I’m also a huge advocate for good lighting. It cannot be overstated how much lighting affects mood and the way a space feels. There is so much value in having a home that feels like a cocoon from the outside world – safe, comfortable, and peaceful.

Why is interior design worth the investment, in your opinion?

This kind of piggybacks on what I shared above. I believe that everyone deserves a comfortable, restful space to call home. Hiring an interior designer is an investment in your home as well as your family, relationships, memories, and life in general. It pays dividends far beyond its aesthetic appeal. Most importantly, it doesn’t have to be exorbitantly expensive to have a significant impact.

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