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Top Interior Design Trends For 2021

Designer Trends for 2021

Top Interior Design Trends For 2021

These are the Orlando interior design trends we’re predicting will be most popular this year:

Home Office Spaces

With much of the world still working- and learning-from-home, office spaces are an obvious choice for the top of the list. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated home office or you’re carving out a workspace in your bedroom, we recommend maximizing comfort in order to maximize efficiency. A comfortable desk chair is essential and the ergonomics of your computer work station are critical for preventing back pain and elbow strains. Invest in pieces that can be repurposed when you return to the office, like an elegant parsons table turned desk that can serve as an entryway table or dining room sideboard down the road.

Neutrals and Soft, Warm Colors

Neutrals have reigned supreme in the design world for several years, but this year we are seeing a return to warmer shades like creams, tans, and beiges and a departure from colder neutrals like gray. Greige, a hybrid that can read gray or beige depending on lighting, sun exposure, and furnishings, continues to be a very popular color choice.

Natural Textures

Natural textures like rattan, jute, sisal, bamboo, and wood in all stains and shades will continue to be an interior design staple in 2021. These textures bring a warm, earthy element to any room and work particularly well in casual spaces. As an added bonus, they stand up well to daily use and wear and tear only adds to their character.

A Casual, Lived-In Look

While some homes still call for formality, we’ve seen an increase in the number of clients who desire a comfortable, casual, family-friendly space that truly works for their current lifestyle. This means durable, stain-resistant fabrics, plush upholstery, and space planning that turns common areas into multipurpose rooms. Think of a media room that has designated areas for movie watching and game playing along with built-in desks for school work. This is the year of making our spaces work hard while still providing us with respite and relaxation.

What interior decorating trends are you happy to leave behind? What are you looking forward to adding or changing in your own home this year? Visit us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know.