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The Importance of Lighting


The Importance of Lighting

At Angela Neel Interiors, we feel strongly about the impact lighting has on a space. We share our top lighting tips and tricks below:

Set the Mood with Dimmers

We believe that every light fixture in a house should be equipped with a dimmer switch. Dimming the lights in the evening or during a party not only sets the mood and creates a relaxed atmosphere but is also the most flattering.

Update Style with a New Light

If you’re trying to shift your space from traditional to transitional, a new light fixture goes a long way. Lighting is often representative of different architectural styles and time periods in design, so updating a fixture is one of the quickest ways to refresh a space and update its identity.

Select Lighting Based on a Room’s Function

Dim and indirect lighting creates a more intimate space that encourages relaxation while white, direct lighting activates the brain and allows us to see smaller details. An office may have different lighting requirements than a bedroom and we can help find the perfect options for both.

If you have a design project that needs our help, contact us for a consultation.

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