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Should I Decorate A Rental?


Should I Decorate A Rental?

If you plan to stay put for at least a year, our answer is YES! Would we recommend investing in custom window treatments and custom furnishings for a temporary space? Certainly not. However, life is unpredictable and a year is too long to feel unsettled and not at home in your surroundings. We share some of our favorite ways for making an in-between space feel like home:

Don’t Live Out of Boxes

Unpack as quickly and completely as you can. This sounds obvious but when you know you’ll have to pack up again in another 12 months, it can feel easier to only unpack the bare essentials and live out of boxes. Our suggestion is to unpack whatever you need to feel at home – family photos, favorite books, board games, etc. This is even more important when you have children and helps them feel more settled in their space.

Have Fun with Design

Take advantage of the lack of permanency by playing with design choices you’ve always wanted to try. Have you always dreamed of a dark and moody powder room? Go for it! This is your chance to enjoy something temporary and see how it feels. Maybe you want to use your dining table as a desk. There are no rules. Allow yourself the freedom to experiment in your new, not-forever house.

Hang Things on the Walls

This is a big one! One of the quickest ways to make your family feel at home is to hang your favorite art on the walls. Hang your family portraits. Don’t be afraid to put a few holes in the walls. The time it takes to patch them is minimal compared to the many months you’ll spend enjoying them and feeling comforted by their familiarity.

Home is meant to be a comforting retreat from the world. To us, it’s always worth making it as welcoming – and beautiful – as possible. If you need help furnishing or designing a long-term rental, we can help.

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