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Misconceptions You May Have About Working with an Interior Designer


Misconceptions You May Have About Working with an Interior Designer

We often hear from potential clients that despite struggling to decorate their homes, they are resistant to hiring a designer. We understand that many people have misconceptions about working with a professional decorator and we want to help assuage those concerns.

Do you believe that an interior designer:

  • Will be overbearing and won’t listen to your wants and needs?
  • Might be critical and judgmental of your taste?
  • Will try to force a particular style on you?
  • Won’t be willing to work with any of your existing pieces?
  • Will create a trendy design plan that will be out of style in a few years?
  • Only works on large, expensive projects?
  • Won’t be considerate of your budget?

The truth is, there are designers out there who are overbearing, judgmental, and don’t take on smaller projects. The team at Angela Neel Interiors is different.

We work on projects of every size and scale and since we believe everyone deserves to live in a space they love, we are considerate of and design for a wide range of budgets. If you take a look at our gallery, you’ll see that we don’t specialize in one signature “look.” Our designs reflect the people who live in them. Our goal is to learn how you live and what you like and then elevate those preferences into a cohesive, beautifully-finished space that serves your family.

If you’ve been considered working with a professional decorator and want to learn more about the process, click here to contact us.

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