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Kingsdown Mattresses

“Sleep is the best meditation” — Dalai Lama

We sell the world’s finest handcrafted Mattresses at our showroom. The importance of a well-crafted bed that provides a healthy, comfortable and supportive night’s sleep is priceless. We are proud to represent Kingsdown; a handcrafted mattress featuring the finest materials sourced from around the world since 1946.

  • Hypoallergenic Ingredients

    The fabric and materials keep allergens such as dust mites, dander, mold and dust away.

  • Chemical Free French Wool

    Comfortable, holistic and ethical.

  • Natural Latex

    No synthetic materials are utilized, and all the Natural Latex is certified organic.

  • Pristine Cotton

    Only the finest organic cotton is utilized.

“The Healthy Mattress since 1946”

Kingsdown mattresses offer features that most mattresses don’t. Through the innovative use of the latest technologies, their various collections cater to your most specific needs.

Here is a list of just some of the features offered that has led to their excellent reputation:

1. Airflow Technology: the application of airflow technology promotes heightened air circulation, which results in increased breathability and a more refreshing feeling as you sleep

2. Gel: If you suffer from back pain due to pressure, the gel foams and fibers provide pressure relief and dissipate heat so that you can enjoy a cooler, more refreshing sleep

3. Coil Count: Kingsdown mattresses are the industry leader in coil count. Some of their mattresses have up to 8,000 coils! A higher coil count signifies increased support and comfort while reducing motion transfer.

4. Ideal Temperature: because of the use of gel in their foams, fibers and performance fabric, an “ideal temperature” is maintained throughout the night/use

5. Personalized Support: BODYSCIENCE technology is utilized in the mattresses. This translates into a personalized support system that is integrated into the mattress as it is constructed, delivering the ultimate in ergonomic support for your body type and sleep style

6. Smart Technology: User customized air chamber support is offered in our collections to provide even more support and pressure relief

The Kingsdown Difference

If the above did not already convince you of the exquisite caliber of mattress that Kingsdown delivers, here are a few more reasons why they are the best option to consider for your bedroom:

1. Every mattress is tested, which ensures that the mattress ordered will arrive exactly as requested

2. With a database of over 10 million sleep profiles, this valuable preference information is what has paved the way for innovation and continued excellence

3. Every mattress is handcrafted by the most skilled artisans in the field

Please visit our showroom or contact us with any questions you have about our Kingsdown mattresses or interior design services.