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Designing Family-Friendly Spaces for Clients with Children and Pets


Designing Family-Friendly Spaces for Clients with Children and Pets

Q: I have pets and kids. Is it possible to have a well-designed space that works for our family?

A: The short answer is: of course! We have very few clients who don’t have children or pets at home. When a design is thoughtfully planned and executed, it is absolutely possible to have a space that looks and feels polished but is filled with durable, easy-to-clean furnishings and accessories.

Slipcovers and High-Performance Fabrics

Many of the furniture manufacturers we love and trust have come out with beautiful, high-performance fabrics – some of which are even machine washable or bleachable! Slipcovers are another great option for active families whose couches or chairs need to stand up to sticky fingers and paws.

Weathered Wood Finishes

Thankfully, natural and rough-hewn wood finishes are becoming increasingly popular. These weathered, distressed, or coastal-inspired pieces are perfect for spaces that might see a little more wear and tear, such as family rooms, playrooms, and children’s bedrooms. Antiques are also perfect for these spaces and their imperfections add character and warmth to a space.

Family-Friendly Flooring

There are many types of flooring that work well in family spaces. We try to use carpet sparingly and instead recommend porcelain tile, wood-plank tile, engineered wood, or luxury vinyl planks. These materials are long-lasting, scratch-resistant, and in some cases, even waterproof. With hundreds of colors and styles available, there are products to suit every space and style and we never have to compromise design for durability.

Solid Surface Countertops

When a space is going to be well-loved and used daily, we frequently recommend a solid surface countertop like quartz or granite. These materials are less porous and harder than marble, making them less likely to absorb stains or to become etched or scratched.

For many of our clients, the overall desire for their home is for it to feel comfortable and casual while still looking put together. This is where Angela Neel Interiors shines! The days of stuffy and unwelcoming interiors are thankfully behind us. Whether you have kids, grandkids, or a house full of pets, we can help you have a home you love that suits your needs.

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