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Interior Design Art & Accessories

"Art is not a thing; it is a way." — Elbert Hubbard

Our unparalleled attention-to-detail surrounding the finishing touches enables you to achieve decorative honesty with a personal flair.

Interior Design Art & Accessories winter park flInterior Design Art & Accessories—the finishing touches—pull together any interior design or home furnishings project with your personal signature. Often overlooked, this integral part of the project ensures success down to the smallest component. Angela Neel Interiors team offers close attention to detail for every type of project, including both formal & casual settings. As part of our White Glove Delivery Service, we arrange and place Art & Accessories to add a perfect touch to your room or home. We draw from dozens of interior design wall Art & Accessory lines from Local, National, and International origin to ensure a unique look and feel. Some of our notable home décor items are on display in our Orlando, FL showroom.

Interior Design Art & Accessories

Why is it so important to add art & accessories into your project? Quite simply, the flow and mood of the room is greatly affected by them. Art & accessories are a great way to give a space a distinct personality tailored to each client. These small details often make a room come together and give a project the finishing touches.

We also work with local artists to commission one of a kind pieces for our clients who are looking for a specific design direction. We ensure that every piece in your home is one that you love, from floor to ceiling we will make sure each space meets your standards.

At Angela Neel Interiors, we know just how important the details are, which is why we offer only the finest brands of bedroom and bath accessories for all of our interior design projects.

Take a moment to come into our Winter Park showroom today to look through the array of Interior Design Art & Accessories lines we carry. Our staff is happy to answer your questions and help bring your vision to fruition. With over 25 years of experience, Angela Neel Interiors is the perfect place to obtain all of the pieces to complete the look and feel of your design project. Visit our store today to get started.