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Angela Neel Interiors is proud to offer selections from numerous vendors and fully customize it to match your personal taste. One of our many vendors is Eastern Accents! This is a luxury custom bedding line. Choose from the multiple textiles we have available in our … Read More

Every piece of furniture, every accent, and lighting choice is an integral part of the design. This is why showroom at Angela Neel Interiors is proud to offer many vendors that are known for their design and quality. Antica Farmacista provides something that … Read More

At Angela Neel Interiors, our showroom features many vendors, known for their quality and design. With over 125 years of fine craftsmanship and innovation, Sferra has many choices when it comes to premier custom linen, towels, bathrobe, and bedding, which is why we … Read More

Just like fashion, interior design trend change with the times. What is popular at one time can be outdated or old-fashioned in just a couple years. To avoid outmoded designs and musty rooms, it’s important to keep up with the trends. It’s also crucial to develop your own … Read More

New light fixtures and cabinet hardware can instantly update your home. So can a fresh coat of paint, a new accessory, pillows or a new throw. Lighting is one of the major factors in modernizing your home and is one of the relatively easier and cheaper projects you … Read More

Mixed metal décor is one of the biggest trends that is taking shape right now. Angela Neel Interiors in Winter Park can help you bring this beautiful trend straight into your home and make its metal décor timeless. We have worked with many times over the years, and … Read More

You can elevate the look of your living room very easily with just a few simple changes. Angela Neel Interiors in Winter Park can help you to create the luxury living room of your dreams so that you know you are in the hands of a professional. With … Read More

Angela Neel Interiors in Winter Park know how to keep up with market trends, with many experiences working as a living room decorator. Currently, soft gold finishes are everywhere in modern homes. Soft golds bring warmth and appeal to a home where other metals and colors can appear … Read More

A minimalist living room could be an appealing option for those who want to stop cluttering their home. Making the change over to minimalism can be difficult for some, but Angela Neel Interiors in Winter Park can help you. We know that many interior designers Winter Park FL … Read More

Have you been wondering how to combine your kids room decor with the elegance and style of the rest of your house? Here at Angela Neel Interiors in Winter Park, Florida, we specialize in custom interiors and can help you with this process. Residents … Read More

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