Designer Bedding

Designer Bedding in orlando and winter park florida

“Of all the rooms in the house your bedroom is yours” — Dorthy Draper

Experience the finer things At Angela Neel Bed & Bath, we represent the finest bed linens in the world. Choose from exclusive designer bedding manufacturers that specialize in Egyptian cotton loomed by artisans in Italy and Portugal. Let us help you create a bedroom you will love with our designer bedding collections!

We proudly showcase:

  • Sferra
  • Peacock Alley
  • Matouk
  • Home Treasures
  • Lili Alessandra
  • Eastern Accents
  • Pine Cone Hill
  • Scandia Down

Designer Bedding Collections in Orlando

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, which is why the bedroom is one of the most important spaces in any home. Quality bedding that promotes a good night’s sleep is essential to our health and happiness. Our designer bedding collection is the finest in the world as each manufacturer has proven to be the top in their niche in quality. What makes these brands so luxurious? Read below:

Unique Prints/Patterns: Scouring the world to find the finest linens is a tough job, now add in the ability to create beautiful one of a kind patterns and prints and you have a work of art for bedding

100% Down Comforter: Splurging on a 100% down comforter that can easily fit in a duvet is well worth it. While other lower quality comforters will go flat after so many uses, top quality comforters will retain their shape and volume.

Thread Count Matters: Thread count simply means how many threads are woven together in a square inch. The longer the thread, the higher, softer and more luxurious the sheet. Most of all the bedding we supply contain 100% Egyptian cotton that uses the longest threads available.

Longevity: The fabric and dyes used to create the luxurious linens and bedding are top notch. Color will retain their hue and tone for years and years to come. There is no chance of dyes wearing off after a wash. The bedding we offer is built to withstand the test of time and daily use. Using Le Blanc Linen, Towel and Down Wash will ensure that your linens and towels will remain luxurious and bright without the harshness of normal detergents.

Please visit our Bed & Bath showroom or contact us with any questions you have about your Designer Bedding needs.